You will need to be a certified Lash or Brow Artist.
Educators need to be accredited with either
Lash Inc, ABT, Guild, BABTAC, VTCT or contact us if the awarding body isn't listed. 
In addition, you need to be officially in business.
You need to hold a relevant licence, if  required in your country.
You need to be insured. 
Admin fee is required to validate your entry.
You must declare if you have any relationship personal or professional with any judges.



Categories can be Downloaded Here. 

Once we receive 1) Your nomination form 

2) Your fee  3) Your category choice

We will then send out an email to request any other information and then you will be contacted when you have reached the next stage.


Event: 23rd Oct 2022 (World Lash Day) 

Winners will be announced on the event night after dinner and receive sponsor prizes and trophies. 
You will also receive an invite for a drink and networking reception on Monday 24th October at Lash Inc HQ – Glasgow. Where you can discuss your prize feature in Lash Inc.