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ASUS ROG Connect



The ASUS ROG Connect is a software tool that helps users to optimize and monitor the performance of a remote computer through the ASUS ROG ExpressCage or a USB drive. ASUS ROG Connect works with the ASUS ROG Connect Plus program. It must be installed on the remote host computer to access the full features of the software. The program is free to download from the ASUS website. Using ASUS ROG Connect for a remote overclock: 1. Make sure the PC BIOS is set to maximum performance mode. (The settings can be set during the boot up process, but it is recommended to always use the highest setting.) 2. Insert the ROG Connect Plus USB drive into the remote computer. 3. The ROG Connect application will appear in the Windows taskbar when the host computer is running. Right click the ROG Connect icon and select the Start Overclock A: When you change the speed of your VGA, it will not be immediately reflected in the remote computer, but will update in a few seconds. You can see the speed of your graphics card by going to the monitor properties, the first menu at the top, and then Video, you'll find the Speed. If you want to change it in real time, you will need to use your USB connection and a remote software. There is a USB tool for it called ROG Connect, but you'll need to have ROG Connect Plus to use it. Search form Search Sign up Help protect the places we love, the values we share Optional Member Code In our emails, sent once or twice a week, you'll receive: • alerts on new threats to Washington's environment • opportunities to join other Washingtonians on urgent actions • updates on the decisions that impact our environment • resources to help you create a cleaner, greener future news Kudos to the Sierra Club and PEER for challenging EPA in court in another attempt to block the upcoming enforcement action to clean up a Seattle superfund site. The agency’s own experts determined that the city of Seattle should have done much more to clean up the highly contaminated Pemberton site in West Seattle and the EPA has been unwilling to enforce the law. We’re heartened that the court ruled today that EPA must “look again at the administrative record.” EPA has already said it will not enforce the law but the decision is a reminder

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